Artist Statement 

Lately, some of the paintings I have been making spring from snapshots that I have taken. These snapshots are a catalyst for my image making. I am basically taking a situation that happened in a moment and am reconfiguring it on the canvas. This has been surprisingly fertile territory. I am not alone here: Degas, Bonnard, Vuillard, Matisse, Alex Katz, Francis Bacon are other artists who took advantage of the ability of the camera to capture a moment that would have been lost or misremembered.

In much the same way a poet depends on the written word, I put my faith in the expressive capabilities of paint. My work consists of several threads. Whatever life event I am drawn to communicate, it is through paint that I want to carry on the conversation/ investigation. As I mature and gain experience, my vocabulary and capacity to express myself has deepened. Recently, I’ve dared to use more personal subject matter. This has taken my work to a place that was not foreseen or predetermined. Following the road less traveled, although difficult, has brought a sense of wonder and engagement which continues to drive and sustain me on my journey


Janice Nowinski