October 28 - January 3, 2020

Group Exhibition: “Women out of Doors, curated by Robert Yahner, National Arts Club, New York, NY

March 27-29, 2020

Workshop: Photo as Catalyst, Black Pond, Rehoboth, MA

January 5 - 30, 2021

Group Exhibition: “The Body in Question” curated by Karen Wilkin and Ophir AgassiThe Painting Center, New York, NY


September 8 - October 12

Solo Exhibition at Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL, curated by Anne Harris

June 22 - July 14, 2019

Solo Exhibition: John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

May 11 - June 23, 2019

Exhibition: “Dance With Me”curated by Kyle Staver

Zurcher Gallery, 33 Bleecker Street, NY, NY 10012

A group exhibition with Jane South, Julie Evans, Kyle Staver, Julie Heffernan, Janice Nowinski, Helen O’Leary, Sharon Horvath, Ruth Marten, Staver Klitgaard, Sarah Walker, Katherine Bradford, Barbara Takenaga, Susanna Coffey, Leslie Kerby, Anne Harris, Jenny Lynn McNutt, Lisa Corinne Davis, Elisabeth Condon, Jennifer Coates, June Leaf, Ruth Miller Forge

May 22 - June 23, 2019

Group Exhibition: “Afflatus” curated by Amy Hill & Suzanne Unrein

5-50 Gallery, 5-50 51st Ave, L.I.C., NY
A group exhibition with Deborah Brown, Sydney Cash, Sherie Franssen, Barbara Friedman, Kathleen Gilje, Alex Gorlizki, Yonadav Greenwood, Julie Heffernan, Ruth Marten, Alex Melamid, Janice Nowinski, Michael Rees, Kyle Staver, Mary Ann Strandell